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The litigation firm people trust with a unique blend of experience in special education law, education law, employment law and civil rights law. The firm also provides small businesses representation ranging from transactional issues such as contracts and contract development to litigation representation.

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Our skilled attorneys offer cost-effective solutions for students, parents, educators, employees and businesses.

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We represent children and students in every grade level as well as college and university students to obtain meaningful educational access under state and federal law.

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Personalized employment law services for education professionals involved in legal matters with their local municipalities and school board.

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Experienced legal counsel for public and private employees standing their ground against municipalities and corporate employees.

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Mandy Leigh
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Jay Jambeck
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Does relying on consumer surveys lead to workplace discrimination?

When companies rely on customer satisfaction surveys to evaluate their workers, it can lead to discrimination. This is because consumers’ ratings are often infected by racism, ageism, sexism or...

Judge: UC system cannot use test-optional admissions policy

In May, the University of California Board of Regents voted to drop the SAT/ACT testing requirement for admissions. That policy goes into effect in 2023. However, in the meantime, the regents gave...

California gig economy worker? You may be an employee

If you drive with Uber, Lyft or another “gig economy” company, you may not be an independent contractor. Instead, you may legally be an employee of the company you’ve been working with. A California...

Multiple groups sue to block new campus sexual assault rules

The Education Department’s new rules for how schools should respond to allegations of sexual assault and harassment are slated to take effect next month. The issue is Title IX of the Education...

Should you consider arbitrating your business dispute?

You may have heard about arbitration, but you may not know much about it. Under the right circumstances, it can be a quick, economical and final way to resolve a business dispute. You can arbitrate...

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