Business And Commercial Litigation

Anyone owning and operating a business is almost certain to run into a dispute with a customer, a supplier, a distributor, operating partner or business investor sometime. Anytime money is involved, stakes are high.

If you are involved in a commercial dispute or litigation matter in Marin County or anywhere in the Bay Area, you can rely on the business litigation attorneys at Leigh Law Group in San Francisco for help. We are a team of trial attorneys with a strong record of successfully resolving disputes through efficient and skillful negotiations and in court, when trial becomes necessary to protect our clients' rights and financial interests.

Call us to set up a free consultation to discuss our services. Our commercial litigation attorneys' experience includes (but is not limited to) dispute resolution related to:

  • Contract disputes and settlements
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Partnership dissolution, business divorce
  • Sales and purchasing agreements
  • Installation and service contracts
  • Commercial leases

Our Lawyers Work Quickly To Resolve Business Disputes Cost-Effectively

A hallmark of our client service is our close communication with our clients. We stay in contact and make sure you are fully briefed and aware of options for a settlement. We move quickly to begin resolving your dispute through negotiations with the other party, if possible. Through everything, you remain in control of the decision whether to settle or proceed to trial.

Don't wait to see how the problem will sort itself out. The sooner you have quality legal counsel on your side, the more quickly you can get your mind back on operating your business. Call us at 800-768-2168 or send an email to request a return phone call from one of our business and commercial litigation attorneys right away.