Class Action Wage And Hour Litigation

When a worker feels as if something is wrong regarding their employer's pay policies, chances are he or she is not alone. Corporate personnel and finance departments often misunderstand state and federal wage and hour laws and apply their own interpretation. Sometimes, the violation is on purpose, other times it is simply a misinterpretation. Either way, the workers have a right to pursue litigation to protect their rights.

National Representation For Class Action Wage And Hour Lawsuits

We are the employment law attorneys of Leigh Law Group, in San Francisco. For many years, we have been protecting the rights of workers in Marin County and throughout the Bay Area and across the state and nation. We are a pre-eminent law firm with a national reputation for successfully representing groups (or classes) of employees who join together as part of a class of plaintiffs in litigation against their employer. We have successfully represented workers in class action employment litigation suits involving wage and hour violations nationwide.

The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a complex set of laws that protect workers from illegal practices regarding compensation, including:

  • Overtime pay
  • Time off and vacation
  • Breaks and lunch hours
  • Family medical leave
  • Withholding policies for taxes and judgments

Why Start A Class Action Lawsuit?

As lead plaintiff starting class action wage and hour litigation, you will be in control of when and if to settle or take the case to trial. The amount of settlement or jury award is often significantly higher when a group (or class) of plaintiffs have been injured by the illegal actions. In addition, lead plaintiffs are the first people paid out of the settlement or jury verdict, after the attorneys' fees and court costs. This usually means there is some extra money paid to the lead plaintiffs.

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