National Representation For Employees Facing Wrongful Termination

Under state and federal whistleblower laws, employers are not allowed to fire a worker or take other actions against the employee out of retaliation for reporting a violation of employment laws or fraud regarding a government contract.

If you feel you are suffering retaliation or were illegally fired by an employer in Marin County or anywhere in California or the United States, call the employment law attorneys of Leigh Law Group in San Francisco. We are a team of trial lawyers with a national reputation in whistleblower and wrongful termination cases involving workplace retaliation.

What Makes Retaliation Lawsuits So Challenging?

Although it may seem clear to you that your employer retaliated for reporting a violation of California or federal law, these cases often come down to your word against your employers. In many cases, the employer has records they will use to demonstrate that you were fired or demoted for reasons other than retaliation. Putting together strong evidence in your case requires knowing the process for obtaining records and examining company policies and past behavior in similar situations. Our team works together to prepare and present the strongest, most effective case possible to prove that your record on the job was not related to the employer's actions taken against you.

Our law firm has earned a national reputation for successful litigation on behalf of individual workers and in class action lawsuits against employers who violated workers' civil rights and wage and hour laws under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

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