Wrongful Termination

California is an "at-will" employment state. That means that employees are allowed to quit their job at any time and employers are allowed to eliminate the position at any time. It does not, mean, however, that an employer is allowed to violate a worker's civil rights when making a decision to terminate the employee. Workers who feel they have been wrongfully terminated based on discriminatory policies or actions by their employer may sue for compensation for the loss of wages and earnings, punitive damages and legal fees.

Harassed Into Quitting?

Employers often try to avoid the cost of unemployment insurance premiums by using a tactic known as constructive discharge. This simply means engaging in actions they know will be detrimental to the worker's success on the job until the worker gets frustrated and quits. Construction discharge actions often include harassment or demoting the worker to a menial task far below the workers' qualifications. Courts often see right through the strategy and side with the worker when the evidence is clear.

Did You Face Wrongful Termination? Our Attorneys Are Here For You.

At Leigh Law Group, in San Francisco, our employment law lawyers protect the rights of workers in Marin County and throughout the Bay Area. We have a successful record of recovering financial compensation for individuals and groups of employees (class action lawsuits) who face violations of their state and federal rights in the workplace. We represent clients across the U.S.

Our record of successful employment law litigation includes wrongful termination related to:

  • Discrimination based on race, sex, sexual preference, religious or cultural group
  • Constructive discharge, tactics designed to force a worker to quit
  • Firing a worker out of retaliation for reporting a workplace violation, whistleblowing
  • Accusations of violating company time off, wage and overtime policies

You Have Questions. Let Us Answer Them For You. Do Not Hesitate To Call.

Everyone who has ever been fired knows how humiliating and frustrating it can be. However, not every termination is a wrongful discharge. In fact, the laws are very carefully written and complex. To win a successful wrongful termination lawsuit requires a preponderance of evidence that the employer took calculated action for specific reasons.

Leigh Law Group offers a free consultation to discuss the circumstances of your termination. We will answer your questions, review the evidence and explain your best options for moving forward with a lawsuit, if we determine you have legitimate cause for legal recourse.

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