Private College Fraud

Over the past several years, private, for-profit colleges are popping up in late night television ads all over America. Many of them are legitimate and offer nontraditional students an outstanding education. Too many, however, over-promise and offer very little in the way of a bona fide, accredited education that will make a difference in the students' lives.

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If you reside in Marin County or anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area and feel you have been the victim of fraud by a for-profit private college or technical school for higher education, call the education law attorneys at Leigh Law Group in San Francisco. We have earned a national reputation for protecting the rights of students who have had their rights violated by colleges and universities. You ARE NOT alone against the company who cheated you out of your money. You have a team of private college fraud litigation attorneys who understand what the issues are and know how the courts rule in fraud cases.

Our experience in higher education litigation cases includes fraud cases such as:

  • Nontransfer or transferability of credits
  • False advertising about accreditation status
  • Unaccredited adjunct professors or teachers
  • Financial aid fraud, student loan fraud
  • Fraudulent recruitment and violation of rights of student athletes

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