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Expulsion Settlements

You have opportunities to settle your expulsion matter with the school district. Leigh Law Group‘s expulsion attorneys are well-versed in settlement of expulsion matters, including those charges that involve mandatory expulsions. The benefit of a settlement is that it avoids having to go through a hearing, which can be time-consuming and lead to a problematic educational record of misconduct.

At Leigh Law Group, we understand how difficult it is to deal with expulsion issues, and we will stand by your side. Our attorneys are committed to protecting your child’s rights with personalized and affordable representation.

Guiding You Through Expulsion Settlements

There are two types of settlements:

  1. The student admits to guilt.
  2. The student neither admits nor denies guilt.

Admission Of Guilt Or ‘Stipulated Settlements’

A stipulated settlement usually involves the student admitting to the expellable offense or charge. It also places the student under school-imposed terms such as committing to therapy for a period of time, completing a specific number of hours of community service, attending school without further misbehavior and maintaining a certain grade point average.

Stipulated settlements are typically used when the facts are overwhelmingly in the school district’s favor and to avoid a hearing that can be stressful and create a further record of bad conduct. Failure to abide by the terms of the settlement could result in reinstitution of the expulsion proceedings.

Negotiated Settlement

A negotiated settlement is useful for several reasons. Typically, it involves a mutually agreed upon set of terms between the parent, the student and the school district. The best outcome is a settlement agreement that lets the student remain at school (unless a return would pose a risk to health or safety), does not require an admission of guilt, and allows parents, the student and the school district to be creative about how to develop a plan to help the student be successful in school.

When you are considering whether to negotiate a settlement or agree to a stipulated settlement, it is important that you are represented by an attorney. Almost always when a settlement is an option, an agreement is generated that typically involves a waiver of certain rights. Leigh Law Group‘s expulsion attorneys can help you decide whether a settlement agreement is appropriate, help you negotiate one and explain your rights under its terms.

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