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Wage And Hour Violations

California has some of the strictest wage and hour laws in the nation. The state takes seriously laws regarding how employees are classified, as either exempt or nonexempt from overtime regulations. In addition, many employers incorrectly think that salaried workers can automatically be required to work 50 and even 60 hours a week without overtime pay.

Serving Clients Throughout California

From offices in San Francisco, the employment law attorneys of Leigh Law Group protect the rights of workers in Marin County and throughout the Bay Area. Our lawyers have successfully represented employees in lawsuits based on federal wage and hour violations throughout California. We vigorously pursue the rights of employees to receive payment due to them for efforts on behalf of their employer.

We represent employees in the private business and public sector, including teachers in public schools. If you believe your employer is violating your rights regarding pay, overtime and time off, turn to us for help. Call us now at 800-768-2168.

Is It Worth Hiring An Attorney?

Protecting your rights is always worth the legal fight. Under state and federal law, your employer cannot retaliate against you for reporting a violation or filing a complaint under whistleblower laws. In addition, any compensation you recover for back pay and punitive damages will include additional money for legal fees. You will not only recover money for your own financial damages, but you will be putting a stop to future illegal practices against other employees as well.

You May Not Be The Only Employee With This Legal Problem

If your employer is cheating you out of overtime pay or other protections under wage and hour laws, chances are other employees are also being cheated as a matter of company policy. We have a successful record of representing groups of employees in class action lawsuits against employers that violate federal wage and hour laws. This is a complex area of state and federal law. We have the professional capacity and resources to be successful. Additional compensation is typically paid to the plaintiffs who initiate a class action lawsuit.

Call Us For A Confidential Consultation

Call us toll free at 800-768-2168 or send a confidential email to explain your concerns about your employer violating wage and hour laws. We will respond promptly to schedule a initial consultation.

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