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Regional Center Services

Regional centers provide additional support and services for children and adults with disabilities. The Lanterman Act of California outlines the rights of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families and how regional centers and service providers can help these individuals.

The skilled and experienced lawyers of Leigh Law Group will help uphold your rights provided by the Lanterman Act. We provide many reasonable fee arrangements to help individuals, parents and disabled individuals obtain regional center services. We also provide representation for regional center eligibility denials and appeals due to a reduction or denial of services. You and your family are important to our attorneys. We will provide personal assistance for all your needs.

Determining Eligibility

California has 21 regional centers that coordinate to diagnose individuals with developmental disabilities. The definition of a disability, for eligibility, is a mental or physical impairment suffered before reaching adulthood. These can include:

  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Epilepsy
  • Autism

The goal of regional center services is to assist disabled individuals in their communities with services that address:

  • Physical and medical health needs
  • Emotional and social needs
  • Educational and vocational needs

We Can Help You Appeal Denials

If your regional center decides without our consent to reduce, terminate or change services set forth in an individual program plan (IPP), our office can represent you from start to completion of a fair hearing. We also attend Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) and IPP meetings to help bring the team together and have driven, focused outcomes with the help of appropriate support and services.

We will assist you in preparing and filing the request for a fair hearing and for mediation. Fair hearings are presided over by hearing officers. Evidence and witnesses are presented because this is considered an administrative trial-like proceeding. These are also time-sensitive proceedings, so an attorney can certainly help with that.

The timelines for the initial request for a fair hearing along with the provision of evidence and notification of witnesses are critical aspects of your case that, if missed, can impact the outcome of your appeal. We strongly recommend speaking with an attorney if you believe your rights have been violated.

Regional Centers We Represent

The attorneys at Leigh Law Group represent clients at many California centers, including:

  • Alta California Regional Center
  • Central Valley Regional Center
  • Far Northern Regional Center
  • Golden Gate Regional Center
  • Kern Regional Center
  • North Bay Regional Center
  • Regional Center of The East Bay
  • Redwood Coast Regional Center
  • San Andreas Regional Center
  • Valley Mountain Regional Center

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