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Leigh Law Group – Protecting Your Rights

The litigation firm people trust with a unique blend of experience in special education law, education law, employment law and civil rights law. The firm also provides small businesses representation ranging from transactional issues such as contracts and contract development to litigation representation.

A Firm FocusedOn People, Not Cases

Our skilled attorneys offer cost-effective solutions for students, parents, educators, employees and businesses.

Ensuring Your Child GetsThe Education They Deserve

We represent children and students in every grade level as well as college and university students to obtain meaningful educational access under state and federal law.

Individual Support ForEducators

Personalized employment law services for education professionals involved in legal matters with their local municipalities and school board.

Fighting ForEmployees

Experienced legal counsel for public and private employees standing their ground against municipalities and corporate employees.


A Client-Centered Education And Employment Law Practice

At Leigh Law Group, we focus on protecting the rights of people and businesses. With offices in San Francisco, Marin and Los Angeles we represent clients throughout California and we have earned a reputation for outstanding legal representation. Our education law attorneys have repeated success at every level of the system, including in administrative hearings, cases in state and federal district courts, all the way to federal appeals. While other firms may need to hand off your legal issue, we can resolve it from start to finish.

We are unique because of our client centered approach combined with our specialized court room experience and our focus on related areas such as education law, special education law, expulsion law, business law and employment law.

Whether you are a small-business owner, an employee, an educator, a student or a parent of a child with disabilities, we can offer you experienced guidance. When you meet with us for your initial consultation, you can expect our attorneys to clearly explain your legal options and how our team can protect your rights, as we fight for the best possible outcome.

A Smart And Cost-Efficient Approach

Our team of attorneys offers high-quality representation with a focus on smart, cost-effective solutions. We develop creative strategies and tailor them to your unique needs and priorities in the following areas:

Education law: Including experienced representation of students facing expulsion or who have been suspended, as well as students with disabilities who are not receiving the mandatory support and special education provisions guaranteed under state and federal special education laws. Our clients include parents of elementary, middle and high school students and students attending institutions for higher education. Our attorneys have represented hundreds of families and students and our attorneys individualize their attention to you or your child’s case strategizing along-side our clients every step of the way.
Business law: Including business startups, disputes and business litigation, intellectual property law and contract law.
Disability and civil rights We hold public and private sector employers, schools and social institutions accountable in protecting the rights of people with disabilities or for discrimination based on protected status such as race, sex, religion, gender, and sexual orientation. If you have had your civil rights violated by an employer, school, business or other public entity, we are ready to help. We are known for representing consumers in IHSS cases, Regional Center matters and challenging institutions who deny our clients the services, accommodations and help that they need. We are uniquely experienced in fair hearings and administrative hearings representing individuals with disabilities.
Employment law: Including vigorous representation to protect the rights of employees, students and college professors in the private and public sectors who have suffered harassment and discrimination on the job, as well as wrongful termination, retaliation and violations of state and federal wage and hour laws.

Our Attorneys

Mandy Leigh
Mandy Leigh
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Jay Jambeck
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Talk To Us In A Free Consultation

After contacting our office, if based on the information you have provided, we believe that representation is appropriate, we offer a 30-minute free consultations to determine if retaining our services is needed, and we prepare certain cases on a low cost or contingency basis. Our rates are competitive and in line with prevailing rates in the community. Also, we sometimes work on a sliding fee scale basis, and in some cases, we offer a reduced rate for attorneys’ fees. Our hourly rates are competitive and reasonable. Get in touch as soon as possible to learn how we can help you.

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