Special Education Rights

Additional information may be found on our site at Special Education FAQs or 10 Reasons Why You Need An Attorney.

If you are working through special education law issues, the process can be complex, confusing and intimidating. We are prepared to put our years of experience to work to help you reach a best possible outcome.

The Leigh Law Group is a group of San Francisco special education attorneys and child advocates who work to assist parents in obtaining a free and appropriate public education ("FAPE").

The FAPE standard is a right that is specifically outlined in both federal and state law, and requires that school districts provide educational programming, services and placement that are designed to meet the child's unique needs so that the child may make measurable gains within a year's time.

If your child is determined to be eligible for special education services by your school district following a thorough assessment, then he or she may be entitled to either a Section 504 plan or an Individualized Education Program (IEP).

We do not charge for our initial consultation. The process starts with a free phone call or in-person meeting with our office to get a general idea of your situation. In the event that you and your school district cannot agree on appropriate programming, placement, services or special education eligibility, state and federal law allow the parent of a child with special needs to file for an administrative proceeding referred to as "due process." The special education laws provide that parents who win in the due process hearing may be entitled to have their reasonable attorney fees paid by the school district. This fee provision allows us to charge our clients reduced or lower fees.

We are prepared to work on issues related to:

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