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Education Law

The regulations, rules and laws regulating education are immense, complicated and always changing. As such, it is crucial to partner with a legal team that has comprehensive knowledge of these practice areas. We represent public and private school students in elementary grades through graduation. We also handle students affected by legal violations while enrolled in colleges and universities.

At the California-based Leigh Law Group, a large part of our attorneys’ practice focuses on education, special education, suspension, expulsion and school law. We are prepared to bring our years of experience to advocate for you. When Leigh Law Group acts on your behalf, we demonstrate a strong commitment to your case and are relentless in our goals for seeking remedies and justice. There are also times when we are called upon to handle bullying issues, collegiate and student-athlete matters, educational records challenges, and school-parent conflict resolution.

Helping You Handle Expulsions

Understandably, expulsion and suspension issues are deeply concerning to students and their parents. In a world where parents and their children are struggling with the challenges of texting and use of online apps, and where bullying, weapons and other related issues result in suspension, or worse, expulsion, we are specialists in representing students. Expulsion and suspension can have long-lasting effects and can force students to move into other educational settings and otherwise significantly affect their education and future. We are prepared to do everything possible to protect your rights and well-being in cases involving:

  • The expulsion process: From the notice to the investigation, our attorneys will represent you and your child through the entire process of expulsion.
  • The suspension process: Many parents don’t know their rights to challenge a suspension or what their child’s rights are after being suspended. Given their years of experience, our attorneys can provide immediate answers to our clients.
  • Mandatory expulsion: Some incidents and behavior can result in an immediate and mandated expulsion. You can still challenge the expulsion, however, and we will help you do so.
  • Expulsion settlements: Whether you settle the expulsion by your child admitting wrongdoing or through negotiation, Leigh Law Group will protect your child’s rights, assure a fair arrangement and return your child to school with guidance on avoiding future behavioral problems.

We can also assist you and your child in any issues involving colleges or universities such as administrative hearings for academic probation, academic suspension or permanent school removal.

Experienced Guidance Through Any Education Issues

We offer a initial, 30-minute consultation to discuss your issues. Our comprehensive knowledge and breadth and the depth of our experience have prepared us for any challenges in elementary school, middle school, high school, and colleges and universities. We can also provide you with individualized support and guidance, because everyone’s situation is different.

Our attorneys are dedicated to your success and encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible.

Contact Education Advocates Today

To schedule a consultation to discuss student expulsions and educational rights in San Francisco, Sausalito or El Segundo with one of our lawyers, call 800-768-2168 or email the firm.

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