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Educational Consulting

What can an Attorney do to help me find the right school and services for my child?

Our team assists families in the development of home based programs through the IEP process, private pay process or other funding mechanisms such as through Regional Center or IEP related settlement agreements and settlement funds.

As Attorneys working in the education field we are experts in locating programs, services and placements that meet all of our client’s needs. This includes but is not limited to locating and identifying programs and placements that are state certified non-public agencies/schools and private programs and placements.

Why an Attorney to help with educational placement and programming?

Our Attorneys work with thousands of schools, service providers (speech pathologists , occupational therapists, educational therapists, behavior analysts, nursing agencies, physical therapists, feeding specialists, assistive technology specialists and educational specialists) , we also understand many of the funding sources that a family may use to obtain these services and placements.

What if I want a Home School Program?

Many families don’t know how to begin setting up a home school and compliance with laws affecting home school programs and we are experts in this regard having set up many successful home school programs for children

We also help locate and identify public and private school programs serving children with mental health, academic and behavioral needs.

Some families want to place their child in a private school, a therapeutic school or residential treatment program and these families want to know what programs work and how they can get those programs funded. We have helped hundreds of families do just that.

  • We help families do the following:
    • Find residential treatment programs and advocate for them at IEPs
    • Locate state certified non public schools and agencies when public schools aren’t appropriate
    • Help develop home school programs when your child’s needs cannot be met in a private or public school
    • Help families in rural areas where resources are difficult to find locate and services and programs to meet their child’s needs
    • Help families develop and build a successful home program to meet all of their child’s needs

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