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20 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Special Education Attorney For Your Section 504 Plan At Leigh Law Group

Our special education representation is nationwide with a focus on California, San Francisco, Los Angeles, East Bay, South Bay and North Bay. Our goal is to help parents of children with disabilities obtain a free and appropriate public education through the special education process.

Why Should You Hire A Special Education Attorney?

You should consult an attorney on special education matters:

  1. When you cannot reach agreement at the Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting
  2. When the school district brings an attorney
  3. When your child is not making appropriate progress
  4. When you think your child is special education-eligible, but don’t understand or have the time to navigate the special education process or the district disagrees with you
  5. If the school district has provided you with written notice refusing to provide a change to the IEP
  6. If the school district has filed a special education complaint against you
  7. If you need to appeal an administrative special education decision or order
  8. If you wish to file a complaint against the school district
  9. If your school district is failing to comply with the IEP
  10. If you believe your child is being discriminated against
  11. If your child is being recommended for expulsion or suspension
  12. If your child is not being appropriately included in general education
  13. If your child is failing
  14. If your child is being bullied
  15. If a settlement proposal is discussed
  16. If you feel having counsel will better protect your rights during the meeting
  17. If your child has been injured
  18. If your child is struggling in school and you don’t know how to begin to help
  19. If you as a parent are being retaliated against for your advocacy
  20. When you want your IEP team or Section 504 plan team to work more collaboratively

At Leigh Law Group, we can help you with all of these issues. We are determined to protect your child’s rights and safeguard his or her future.

What Can We Do To Help?

1. We can help you behind the scenes of the IEP process..

  • We can review your child’s records.
  • We can review the IEP or Section 504 plan.
  • We can help you write letters and file what is necessary to preserve your child’s rights in the IEP process.
  • We can provide you with tools to make you a stronger advocate for your child.
  • We can provide you with strategies to help the team make better decisions to help your child.

2. We are directly involved in your case..

  • We can attend the IEP meeting to advocate.
  • We can take the emotion out of the process by serving as your direct representative.
  • We can file complaints, represent you at a special education hearing and zealously advocate on your behalf at all meetings.
  • We can be the voice of reason using the law and our vast experience.

Our attorneys also deal with such special education issues as:

  • Attendance at IEP meetings
  • IEP goal development
  • Transportation issues
  • Private school placement
  • IEP services
  • IEP placement
  • Eligibility and assessment
  • Behavior support
  • Manifestations hearings
  • Expulsion and suspension
  • Special education due process hearings
  • CDE complaints
  • OCR complaints
  • Uniform complaints
  • Records challenges
  • Home or hospital instruction
  • Challenges to suspensions
  • Appeals of special education decisions and orders
  • Compliance complaints for failure to follow the IEP
  • Transition services
  • Coordination of agency services to assist in ensuring that all appropriate agencies are working together to meet your child’s unique needs

Categories Of Eligibility We Represent

Obtaining a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) for your child impacts his or her ability to pursue higher education and employment and gain independent living skills. Our team of San Francisco, Marin County and Los Angeles attorneys and advocates can help.

We Represent Children Who Are IEP-Eligible Or Suspected Of Having A Disability In All Of The Following Categories Of Eligibility:

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)/attention deficit disorder (ADD), autism, Asperger’s, other health impairments, physical impairments, developmental delays, behavioral disorders, emotional disturbance, writing disorders, reading disorders, hearing impairment, visual impairment, speech delays, language disorders, auditory processing, orthopedic impairments and learning disabilities

Contact An Experienced Special Education Attorney Today

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