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Public Employee Workplace Rights Lawyers

Individuals working for a municipal department, the state of California or the federal government face violations of their workplace rights that are just as challenging as private sector employees. Despite more regulations governing policies about hiring practices, hours, transfers and promotions, department managers frequently follow their own agendas.

Protecting The Rights Of Public Employees Across The Nation

If you work in the public sector in Marin County or anywhere in the Bay Area and feel your rights have been violated, you can trust the public employment law attorneys of the Leigh Law Group, in San Francisco, to stand and fight on your behalf. We know the procedures and deadlines required to file a lawsuit for damages, as well as the evidence that will be required to win.

A note to college teachers and university professors and employees
Public colleges and universities are notorious for expecting their employees to look the other way when a dean or department head breaks the law. Common illegal actions include violating wage and hour laws, discriminatory hiring policies and a promotion system that is often based on personal friendships and cronyism. We have built our reputation on our knowledge and experience in the field of higher education law. We will vigorously protect your rights.

We represent individuals and groups of public employees in matters such as:

  • Workplace safety rights for military contractors
  • Wage and hour disputes, individual grievances and class action lawsuits
  • On-the-job injuries and disability litigation
  • Illegal hiring practices and promotion policies
  • Illegal firing, wrongful discharge
  • Retaliation for reporting sexual harassment
  • Discrimination based on sex, race, age, disabilities and other protected classes

Did Something Happen That Doesn’t Seem Legal?

Even if you only have a few questions about something that happened at your public sector job, call us. Many public employees think their union representative will handle cases involving a violation of their rights or wage and hour law. Your union rep is there to make sure your government agency adheres to the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement. The union lawyer’s job is to enforce existing laws that cover the members of the union, not provide experienced and effective legal representation for individual workers.

An independent trial lawyer from Leigh Law Group will vigorously fight to help you recover financial compensation for the harm you have suffered. We offer a consultation to answer your questions and discuss your options for recovering financial damages. We have represented public employees throughout California and across the nation. Call 800-768-2168 today.