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PLEASE NOTE: To protect your safety in response to the threats of COVID-19, we are offering our clients the ability to meet with us via telephone or through video conferencing through a number of digital platforms. Please call our office to discuss your options.
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“Ms. Leigh did an outstanding job and made sure our son got the educational assistance he was entitled to under the law. Kevin & Karen I am a legal malpractice attorney – I have looked over hundreds of attorneys work. Ms. Leigh is without a doubt the best Education Law Attorney I have come across in 30 years”

— Kevin

“I would highly recommend Jay Jambeck, Leigh Law Group. They handled my civil rights case in higher education disability discrimination. In first speaking with Jay on the telephone about taking my case, within five minutes, I knew he was the right lawyer to handle my case. He got my issues and fought for me. With such a specialized form of law, one really needs to have a lawyer with experience and compassion for the client(s) under very trying circumstances. Thank you, Jay and Leigh Law Group.”

“My husband and I retained Leigh Law Group to help us fight for our 17-year-old autistic son after calling many professionals to get advice on who they would use if they found themselves in our circumstance. Three contacts told us there was only one attorney who could be trusted to fight for our son and not give up until she had won. The name we were given was Mandy Leigh. My husband and I want to now testify to you that if, as a parent, you have a severe need for legal cures, then there is only one choice. You must find a way to retain Mandy Leigh and her law firm! That is the only way, in our opinion, you will have the voice and might of a lioness working for what is most precious to you in this life.”

— Linda

“We can’t stress enough the importance of hiring an education attorney to guide you through the IEP process. We waited, and wasted, two years before seeking help and our only regret is that we waited so long. Mandy and her team are informed, committed and passionate. They are quick to respond and identified legal issues with our case that we were unaware of. She represented and defended our son’s rights better than we could dream of doing. He was underserved for years, but now his future is much brighter thanks to Mandy’s efforts and the services she opened up for us. We recommend her to anyone who wonders if they should hire an attorney. If you ask yourself that question, then talk with Mandy and if you hire her, she will give you her all. I must have made hundreds of calls trying to help my son and this one phone call, as scary as it was to make, changed everything for the better.”

— Lisa

“I would like to express my family’s eternal gratitude to you, Jay, and the staff at Leigh Law Group for accepting our case and moving forward with the attention and precision needed at every step in the legal process. It was no easy task to prepare a response that defeated the school district’s motion to end the lawsuit before it goes to trial. I read every word with admiration for the depth of knowledge and clarity of reasoning that came out from every page.”

“Mandy is top-notch at special ed law. She was able to help us get through the quagmire that is SPED law and get our son the supports and services he needs to be successful. Without Mandy’s services, our son would still be considered a “disposable child” by the school district due to his developmental disability; he would receive none of the supports he needs, would continue to be involuntarily segregated and lacking in any meaningful education plan — his rights would continue to be trampled on. On the previous path, there was no future for him. Thanks to Mandy’s dedication and skill, our son’s future is now limitless.”

— Kelly H.

Leigh Law Group helped our child when the COE and the school district would not work with us to get our son out of an inappropriate placement. Mandy Leigh not only guided us through the process, but she advocated on our child’s behalf at critical IEP meetings and behind the scenes with counsel for the district and the county. She was available to strategize and to help whenever we needed her.

“Having Leigh Law Group on our side significantly reduced the stress of the situation and the process. It was obvious to us that the district counsel and the county counsel involved in our child’s case were familiar with Leigh Law Group and recognized that they were experts in their field. We highly recommend Leigh Law Group.”

“Even as a lawyer, I tried but could not battle the school district on my own! Leigh Law Group was stellar — they understood exactly what I had already been through and helped me obtain the services I needed for my child. My child’s life has fundamentally changed and it could not have happened without the excellent advocacy and expertise of this law firm.”

— S.

Leigh Law Group helped our child when he was suddenly facing expulsion from high school and no one had listened to his side of the story. Once we hired Leigh Law Group, we had experts in our corner to guide us through the unfamiliar and complex expulsion process.

They did extensive research on similar cases, were able to thoroughly explain the ed code and took time to learn our child’s side of the story. We always felt like we were our attorney Mandy’s only client because the service was so personal and prompt. She was available to us via phone and email whenever we had questions or concerns. When we were faced with this family crisis, Leigh Law Group really showed that they cared about the outcome of our case. The passion our attorney demonstrated throughout the process gave us hope and confidence through a very difficult time. We are so thankful that we had Mandy Leigh and her team in our corner.”

— J.

Leigh Law Group helped bring together all of the experts and all of the documentation to support our case. They advocated on behalf of my son to ensure he has a better future. I can’t say thank you enough!”

— S.J.

“Although we are both attorneys, we knew we could not adequately represent our child in such a specialized area of the law and our emotional connection would be too much for us. Having Leigh Law Group on our side felt like we could finally breathe and we were not alone in our struggle to get our child the education she was entitled to. Ultimately, we were able to place our child in an environment that allowed her to learn both emotionally and intellectually. Our child has grown in ways we never thought possible, thanks to Leigh Law Group!”

— A.B.

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